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Get the proper style in our larp store with the
authentic larp and medieval clothing

The Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is coming up and your wardrobe can't provide the proper clothes for the intended character. Of course common fashion stores do not provide this kind of larp clothing, but now the time has come to quarry in our larp store with more than 10'000 products. Ideal to equip you with authentic and not so authentic (but nonetheless beautiful) accessories and clothing. Our target was not only to design great larp clothes and matching accessories but also to use authentic fabrics and materials, such as cotton, linen, velvet and leather.

Medieval and LARP clothing and jewellery not only for ladies

For our ladies we have a really huge choice of medieval and LARP dresses with and without train, with hood resp. veil. Even for the character of the Elven queen and princess Isabella you can find adequate gowns. Looking for reenacting other characters? Combine blouses and skirts in medieval style! There are many guides and suggestions how to get perfect ensemble of medieval clothing. Discover your mystical sides with our tiaras or complete your LARP outfit with a piece from the enormous range of jewellery where you can find dozens of different models of Thor's Hammer (aka Mjoelnir) pendants, pentagrams or celtic amulets.

Comfortable and representable LARP and medieval clothing

You LARPing boys out won't be missed out in our massive range of medieval clothes. Even if you are not at a LARP you can wear these medieval shirts and medieval trousers in your everyday life. The cut and the natural fabrics we used will make you feel comfortable yet protected. Want it a little bit more sumptuous? Check out the frilly shirts with lace. Sumptuous as well are some of our wool cloak with wolf head clasp), but also to show the kind and social reputation of your character. Maybe you'd like reenact a monk, a sorcerer, a magician, a knight or a pirate. You will find your happiness in our LARP store.

Matching accessories for LARP clothes

LARP clothes will definitely look incomplete without adequate accessories. For our pouches we only use durable and thick leather. Sumptuous belt buckles, and of course leather belts (also the long leather belts!) are gorgeous and useful at a time. And don't miss to drink mead from our drinking horns, some of them embellished with Thor's Hammer and celtic signs. Small LARPers will also find their fortune, as you can find also clothes for children, such as dresses, shirts, trousers, tabards and cloaks - in kid's sizes!