A shirt is a shirt? Really?

A shirt… is a shirt… is a shirt…. or is it ?

The big debate we are always having in the store is the subject of shirts… especially when Im looking at adding more to the range of costumes and yes, so begins the whole “so… whats different” and thats something I seem to spend hours battling over so I thought I would share my thoughts…

So over the years we have literally dressed tens of thousands of people in costumes from all over the world, be it themed wedding, stage costume production or huge larp battle, the themes change constantly and yet as always my argument for adding more and more shirts is the same.

Whether your wanting to turn up as a pirate or a medieval lord (with a medieval shirt), vampire or viking…. I have always maintained the importance of individuality. I look at the styles of shirt I supply and so many things change from customer to customer, whether its their height, weight, skin tone or hair…. the same shirt takes on a whole different look.

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