Bloody Wound Make Up Tutorial – Step by Step

A slashed throat for your Halloween or LARP outfit? It’s simple like that. If you want to have a look at the full outfit we ahve created where we applied those techniques have a look at the Halloween Outfit Blood Bride!

Here’s what you need:

Latex Milk
Make-Up Sponge
Sponge to apply blood
Fake Blood
Bloody Scab
– Eyeshadow / Make-Up
– Tissue / Toilet Paper (2-3 thin layers)
– Scissors

What you should pay attention to:

Men should shave their beard if planning to make a throat wound, removing the latex wound could by painful if you root your hair

Women should make a pigtail to avoid mixing the hair into the latex layers

Now here is how to do it

Step 1

Apply the latex milk with a sponge (speckling). You can make the wound as long and wide as you lie. Latex dries up pretty quickly, with a hair dryer it’s even quicker. Add another 3-4 coats of latex.

Step 2

Apply another coat of latex milk then add a layer of tissue on the wet latex. Fix it with another layer of latex. Repeat 1 or 2 times.

Step 3

After the latex is dry make a hole in the latex (with a toothpick for example) and cut along with the scissors to create a wound. If someone could help you – perfect. If not, BEEEEEE CAAAAREFUUUUUUL, otherwise you won’t need fake blood…

Step 4

Now you can design the wound. With make-up you can blend the transition of the wound to your skin. The wound will get even more realistic if you put black make up IN the cut. On the border you want to use tints of red and purple.


Step 5

Use scab to create a realistic touch of an already drying wound with clotted blood.

Dip you sponge in the scab and speckle it in the cut and around it.

Step 6

Already happy? Great! You can add fake blood and pour it in the cut and let it run down.

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