Quality over quantity in LARP gear, it’s better for all of us

Damn… these days SO MUCH ARMOUR… and yet the hours I spend looking for more, its unbelievable. Always a challenge, more than you would realise… to find armours considered safe to wear, I’m still in shock sometimes the occasional piece that escapes notice and yet could end up injuring!!

So that’s where I always start, when looking at new designs and manufacturers no matter for larp or for a wedding banquet or party. 

One thing I have also noticed is the trends that seem driven by popular TV programs such as HBO Vikings & Game of thrones, it seems we all want to dress as our heroes and villains. 

Therefore, over the last 15 years our range of period costumes has grown like crazy. First really, I guess came the wave of popular costumes people fell in love with from Lord of the Rings…. The pirate costumes…  buccaneer costumes were all the rage as everyone wanted to be the infamous Jack Sparrow and now, a queue of Ragnar Lothbroks raising hell at events!!

Gone are the days of the “party costume” being good enough. That cheaply made rag that arrives too small and tears the moment you bend over! Now people want quality & realism on another level, it’s funny how many of my customers love to compete over the detail of their costume, even down to the finest detail. So once again, a real challenge to find all those costume accessories even down to something like a Norse buckle for a LARP leather belt… a jewelled tiara for a medieval lady, no matter the detail, no matter whether for a larp scale larp event or a hosted medieval party, it seems these days to be very much about the fine details of a costume that bring it to life.

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