The perfect LARP Leather Armour

Over the years, one thing I’ve been keen to develop is our range of leather with so much choice already out there and yet fashions come and go, which is why I was relieved to meet Alex of Black Raven Armoury. One of those true artists that has watched and learned carefully over the last 25 years, I’ve learned even more the importance of creating “real” looks & I guess this may be one of the reasons his leather armour and costume services have been called on by so many Film & TV companies over the years (not to mention thousands of larpers, cosplayers and SCA enthusiasts).

The art of creating leather armours that “could” have existed, while considering the real challenges that armour can run into when you’re at an event, like sitting down to a banquet without either garrotting yourself, or being on a battlefield unable to swing your larp sword because the armour cannot be moved in..

So many times I have seen totally impractical leather & metal armours at larp events, with bits flapping around and players constantly adjusting their costume and maybe this is one of the most crucial things that I am totally obsessed with changing.

Now, when I look at any design of leather armour, the first thing I look at is how wearable the armour is. Could I keep it on for 12-16 hours, can I move easily, swing a larp weapon, sit down, simple yet crucial things to my mind.

Armour design is another matter completely, with so little evidence left for us to refer to, inspiration comes from your ideas, the character you play if you’re a larper, or the hero your dressing up as, if it’s a medieval wedding or themed banquet.

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