The Thinking Behind Our New Complete Costumes Range

Wikinger Outfit

For many years, I wanted to avoid choosing combinations of costumes for people and yet time after time I’ve been asked for help, no matter whether for a simple party costume, or maybe a suggestion for a larper… EVEN TV productions have asked that fateful question “so what do you think”

I guess given how long it’s been and how many people we’ve costumed, I must have learnt something!!! So… For the “where to start” I simply looked to what you all seem to be loving … Feedback is our lifeblood to the customers, so larp Viking Costume was chosen to be the first theme for both Warrior & Shield Maiden.

One of the absolute passions I have for creating costumes is the ability to build up a complete look layer by layer… Too many times I’ve been at an event either “hot or cold” and without question its where layering is the solution.

I guess it’s always been the case that much like a character in a film, it’s all about the “where & why” Who is this character and that’s how I started with “The Sigurd” Viking costume. A Wikinger Outfitcharacter very much based on old Norse heroism, I wanted this costume to reflect not just the true warrior, but also the confidence and nobility of a lord, not always needing to be armoured and armed to the teeth.

As always, a simple base costume is not only the most sensible to cover the “just in case” moments of having to switch characters, but also one I find that works from a practical point of view. I love to be comfortable so the Viking trousers I’ve picked here, I have owned for years!!

The beauty with that pair of trousers is that they allow the ultimate movement. With laces at the side to keep them neatly inside your boots, and loads of room around the upper and leg areas. Good for combat but also very smart with most costumes.

I’ve chosen a pair of simple Viking style boots for this combination that would work equally well with long boots, but these leather boots I find very comfortable (although I would add a pair of rubber grip soles just to give a little more tread)

For the top, I have chosen a couple of tunics, that once again are simple classics, both being perfect on their own, while looking even better together.

Warm and loose fitting, while able to change the main colour, I find it changes the whole look perfectly. Add a couple of belts… one belt with detail to show off a wealthy look and a second belt to hold the various scabbards, bags and most essentially my drinking horn!

Last but not least… a nice simple sheepskin cape just to keep the cold of the night away!!

So… there you go, The Sigurd.. one of my favourite character combinations in terms of costume. A gritty “real” look and something I’ve seen more and more  important to people, something I feel essential.

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