Why just watch Game of Thrones when you can BE Game of Thrones

I don’t think there is a person in the western world who has not heard of Game of Thrones or at least has an idea of what the show is about (my nan is in LOVE with Jon Snow). The swift rise to success is not hard to understand when we look at why the show is successful and what we get from being a part of that world. There are a few programs that follow in the same vein which is also gaining a strong following such as HBO’s Vikings, Black Sails, and The Last Kingdom.

Just taking Game of Thrones as an example, if you included streaming, DVR and repeat showings, this amazing show benefits from 23 MILLION viewers per episode! That is a massive number and that figure has gone up 15% from last season.

Aside from breaking rating records and giving loyal viewers their healthy dose of Westeros, why are GOT and other related shows so popular? What makes the show so exciting?

The answer lies in the incredible characters, the engaging and unforgettable story lines, and the escape into fantasy we can all indulge in. Pretending you are a part of that world is thrilling and that is how these shows have gained the love and admiration from viewers around the world (Who hasn’t imagined that they command the respect and love of Dragons?)

So why not take it one step further? Truly get involved and act out a world of elaborate costumes, fantasy, and ancient worlds…This is the realm of Cosplay and Live Action Role Playing.

The following and world of Cosplay and Larp (Live Action Role Play) is HUGE…over half a million people enjoy regular re-enactments and host regular events around the world. It’s not hard to see why this following is gaining strength, not only in numbers but in reputation as well. Imagine that you could break away from your regular day to day monotony to join a loyal group of friends every day to truly be in a magical world and act as if you were a part of Westeros or some other far away land…This is a regular occurrence for Larp fans and this way of life sounds pretty good to me.

The likes of GOT, The Last Kingdom, Vikings etc has paved the way for elaborate and incredibly designed costumes that you see every week on the screen. When it comes to taking part in re-enactment and Live Action Role Playing, you don’t want to be the one showing up in a hand torn bed sheet holding a sharpened stick, do you? No – No you do not! So, let’s talk a bit about costumes.

For die hard Cosplay fans, the devil is in the detail. It is so important that every detail of this world is right and that’s where the costumes come in. You can’t have a re-enactment without the proper kit inspired from popular shows like GOT. These costumes are breathtakingly beautiful and from the screen to our world, every detail must be perfect.

There was a time when these costumes could not be obtained by us mere peasants due to the incredible cost of making these costumes by hand. If you were looking to get your hands on GOT inspired leather costumes you would most likely have to promise your first born and sign over vital organs. Luckily for dedicated Cosplay fans who want to be immersed in the world of Game of Thrones, there are solutions at hand that don’t sacrifice on quality and won’t break the bank, such as this Jon Snow inspired cloak with sheepskin.

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