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Belt buckles - an eye-catcher for each outfit

A belt is not only practical because it keeps your clothing where you want it, even when you move quickly. With a stylish buckle, such as the templar's buckle, it can also become a wonderful accessory, one which is both unusual and also always fitting. Whether for a man or a woman, warrior or noble lady - a beautifully designed belt buckle suits every character at a LARP event and also in everyday life. Each look thus becomes unique and individual and is just simply right for each wearer.

Improving every belt

If your trousers slip off your hips whenever you move, there is often only one thing that will help - a belt. A belt buckle is a simple and fast means of making a real eye-catcher out of a simple piece of leather. The motif can be changed according to your taste and mood to achieve a completely new look. With different buckles, the character at a LARP event can be newly created again and again without too much effort. After a few easy steps, the formerly plain belt has become a showpiece.

Impressive and strong

For a noble warrior, the belt buckle must also have a special effect. It should express power and wealth, however it must nevertheless be able to also endure one or other blow in a battle. Only if it is really robust can it remain intact even in a fierce battle. With a large and finely decorated buckle, men also have a stylish piece of jewellery on their body that cleverly emphasizes the role of their own character. Merely the difficulty of making a choice remains - should a mystical Celtic sign or a strong warrior adorn the new belt buckle?

Elegant and filigree

To make sure that the clothing for a noble lady or a female herbalist fits perfectly, a belt with a pretty buckle is simply just right. Trousers can thus not only be kept in place but also a wide cloak can be gathered together or a slim waist in a long dress be emphasized. Belt buckles are therefore not only practical, but are also super accessories that make each outfit unique. The especially delicate details make a belt buckle quickly become a real piece of jewellery, which will be the envy of everyone.