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Cloak for Kids Cloak for Kids
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Beautiful Medieval Gown for Girls Beautiful Medieval Gown for Girls
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Medieval Dress for Kids Cotton Medieval Dress for Kids Cotton
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Medieval Dress for Kids Medieval Dress for Kids
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Girls Surcot Ylva Blue Girls Surcot Ylva Blue
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Medieval Surcot for Kids Medieval Surcot for Kids
£17.79 * £24.37 *
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Medieval Dress Laced Up for Kids Medieval Dress Laced Up for Kids
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Templar's Cape for Kids Templar's Cape for Kids
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Maidens in Medieval Dress

The wonderful robes and impressive medieval cloaks are the dream especially of little girls. With just the right medieval dress, your little one will become a real princess. Every game will turn into an exciting adventure and each family outing will be a real journey back in time to the exciting years of the time of fortresses and knights.

Little Princesses - just as in the Middle Ages

All girls dream of being a real princess once in their life. Walking through the corridors of the castle in a wonderful robe and taking part in a real court banquet - that is part of the everyday life of each noble maiden. To enable your little princess to also have a day in medieval dress, our shop offers a wide selection of beautiful dresses, which create the perfect atmosphere for each role. Whether a princess or noble merchant's daughter - with the right dress every young girl can completely and utterly immerse herself in the history of the Middle Ages. And all the games in your own castle garden are even more fun.

Perfectly Dressed for the Medieval Market

Whether at a LARP event or a medieval market - every young girl will immediately be thrilled by the fantastic clothing and costumes of the performers. Just the right medieval dress is simply perfect to be able to take part in true style at such an event and to simply feel part of the wonderful scenery. Whether as helper or herb lady, or even an elf princess - with the right outfit each young girl can take on the role that she has always wanted. And thus each outing becomes a journey into an exciting fantasy world.

An Eye-catcher at each School Performance

At the performance of a medieval school play, young girls in particular want to go on stage in the right clothes. With a pretty medieval dress each young girl is quickly turned into a little princess, who will captivate the entire audience. The beautiful dresses are not only perfect for a theatre performance but also for a costume party. They ensure that each young girl can play the role that she wants. Whether as a poor orphan or a pompous daughter of a nobleman - with just the right dress, each and every dream can come true.