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Medieval Dress for Kids Cotton Medieval Dress for Kids Cotton
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Beautiful Medieval Gown for Girls Beautiful Medieval Gown for Girls
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Cloak for Kids Cloak for Kids
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Medieval Dress Laced Up for Kids Medieval Dress Laced Up for Kids
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Templar's Cape for Kids Templar's Cape for Kids
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Medieval clothing girls

Dress for medieval girlsThe great robes and impressive capes from the Middle Ages are a real dream for all children and especially for many a little girl. Dressed in the right medieval clothing, your little one will also become a real princess. Every game becomes an exciting adventure and every family outing a true journey back in time to the castles and knights of the Middle Ages. Girls have just as much fun as boys. Perhaps you would like to take your children on a LARP for the family? Or maybe you want to take them to a medieval market where they can romp around all day?

Then, of course, you'll need appropriate garb! In our online shop at you can find great medieval dresses. Girls find medieval fashion incredibly beautiful. A neat undergarment or outer dress - the choice is yours. Each children's dress for your shopping basket is made from high quality fabrics. Use the Wish list to narrow down your selection. Then you can compare the dresses in detail before you order the chosen one. If your little one is allowed to choose her dress, you should of course read the individual descriptions of each offer together. Take a close-up look at the picture of the beautiful gown.

The medieval costume - girls want to be princesses

At a certain age, many girls dream of being a real princess for once in their lives. They want to walk through the corridors of the castle in a great dress and take part in a real court feast. In their imagination, this is then part of the everyday life of noble children, girls as well as boys. While the boys would rather fight wild battles as knights, Vikings or pirates, the girls are more drawn to fine jewellery. Exactly for these dreams, we have provided a large selection of wonderful dresses in our online shop, which offer the perfect atmosphere for every role. Whether princess, merchant's daughter or Viking bride - with the right clothes, every girl can fully immerse herself in the history of the Middle Ages.

If you're looking for something for your children, think about the accessories and accoutrements too - such as jewellery. The original specifications for children's clothes from the Middle Ages do not turn out to be quite as rich. But then as now, it is all the more important to make an impression with a necklace or a belt. When it came to children's clothing, people in the Middle Ages were not quite so demanding. The fabrics were simply too expensive. There was really no such thing as a children's dress, at least not for ordinary people. But maybe your girl still wants to be a princess when she's a bit older. For that, we have the matching tiara or the precious bangle to go with the dress in our online shop. If, on the other hand, she is more drawn to the culture of the Vikings, we naturally recommend a bronze pendant.

Medieval costume girl at LARP FashionPerfectly dressed for the medieval market or the school play

Whether at a LARP event or the medieval market - all children are immediately fascinated by the great costumes and disguises of the performers. And of course they themselves want to appear in style at such an event in their children's dress or cape. They want to feel like part of the LARP or the medieval market. For this, matching medieval clothing is simply perfect. Whether as a herbalist's helper or an elf princess - with the right dress and accessories, every girl can slip into the role she has always wanted.

When performing a medieval play at school, children like to appear on stage in the right clothes. With a pretty medieval dress, a girl can enchant all the other parents in the audience. And she attracts the justified envy of the other pupils. But these medieval dresses are not only perfect for a drama performance, but also for a costume party. Whether it's a poor Viking orphan or a pompous king's daughter - clothes make the man or the girl, that's always been the case.

The fabrics for medieval garb

In our online shop, we attach great importance to the quality of our dresses, trousers or shoes - especially for children. Just as with accessories, such a purchase is only enjoyable if the garb lasts for a few years. Medieval garb is certainly not going out of fashion. The preferred material for children's clothing today is, of course, cotton. But in our online shop we also have some offers in linen. Cotton is not typical for the Middle Ages. It was only used there late in the 15th century and then only rarely. But cotton is easy to care for and much less scratchy than the fabrics of earlier times. That is especially important for children.