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Warrior Gambeson - black Warrior Gambeson - black
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Warrior Gambeson - brown Warrior Gambeson - brown
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Gambesons for every exhibition match

For real exhibition and free-style combatants, a gambeson is mandatory. In the Middle Ages, every knight or combatant was equipped with such a garment. The soft and smooth materials were perfect under plated or chain armour and were worn for self-protection. Nowadays, the gambesons are not only intended for armour but are rather used on the outside as exterior clothing. When seen, the typical design, lacing and high-quality materials are immediately reminiscent of distant medieval times.

Original function of the gambesons

Due to the soft materials, the gambesons increase the wearing comfort of armour. They were worn directly under the steel parts or chains so that the cold metal did not immediately touch the skin. Hostile blows to the amour could clearly be better prevented by a gambeson. Because there was no direct skin contact with the armour, the materials simultaneously reduced the danger of injury. The earlier models consisted of linen, which was laid over the body in several layers. Later on, different materials, such as raw cotton, or ordinary scraps of material, were used. The gambeson was even partially padded in order to guarantee an even better shock absorption for the armour. While blows of the sword were well intercepted, this piece of armour did not, however, protect against stab wounds. Nowadays, at Larp and medieval events, the gambeson is worn as a piece of exterior clothing. In our shop you will find the right models in various designs. Whether as a combination of gambeson and shirt with riveting or with leather straps as a fastening – there is a gambeson to suit every taste.

Games and combats with the gambesons

A distinction is made between a long gambeson and a shorter version. The lengths depend on the respective armour, whereby the gambesons are now no longer only worn underneath. Made of precious brocade or with costly embroidery, the gambeson is an appropriate piece of exterior clothing for gentlemen. Combined with a belt, it is the optimal piece of combat equipment for the next event. Because of the quilted and stitched materials, the gambeson simultaneously keeps the upper part of the body warm so that no coat or jacket is required. While the original models were made without sleeves, we also have items with sleeves for an even warmer feeling. A speciality is the gambeson with sleeves that can be removed as desired. The front clasp is either made of leather or has several leather bands. Because there are several clasps in a row, the gambeson cannot just open in combat. The bicoloured materials have a costly and striking effect and can be worn as a comfortable wrap. Gear yourself for the next exhibition combat and convince yourself of the flexibility and mobility in a gambeson.