Medieval Costume Men

Medieval costume for men

Medieval costume menLooking for the right outfit for your role in a LARP or your stall at the medieval market? In this mail order shop we have put together a whole range of medieval clothing for men to inspire your imagination and fantasy for your very own medieval outfit. Each medieval garment is shown as a complete costume made up of a variety of pieces. Belt, boots, tunic, bag and leg wraps, all the components of a medieval costume are available separately from us in the appropriate section.

Simply click on one of these medieval men and we will show you all the details of his garment. Of course, the price of a complete or authentic looking medieval costume is quite high, even considering the quality and the way it is made. But it's more about giving you an idea of what the whole role can look like.

Build your medieval men's costume bit by bit

Start with your gambeson or tunic and gradually work out what suits your taste and role best. It all depends on your role at the LARP or medieval market, how you design your costume and which pieces you put together. Take a look around and get inspired by our costumes. However, you won't find the right cloak, leather or metal armour and weapons here in the medieval clothing section. For this purpose, we have set up the LARP navigation point, where we offer you a selection from our mail-order shop. As a mail order company for authentic medieval costumes for men, women and children, as well as accessories, we want you to be completely satisfied with your choice.

To make sure that you are, please feel free to contact us by phone or via the contact form if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you on your choice so that you find exactly what you are looking for.

Men's garb or costume - it should look authentic

Men in the Middle Ages - Men's medieval costume in brown, red or blueA men's medieval costume that makes a good impression at a LARP, reenactment or medieval market must be authentic. This applies to the colours black, brown or muted reds and greens. Even a certain blue could be made in the Middle Ages from woad or a mixture of limestone and malachite. It was much more expensive than brown or black. So this colour was reserved for the very noble. A king or a general wore blue, maybe a rich knight in his castle.

The second thing to mention is the medieval cuts. A medieval cut for a gentleman's black or brown robe was straight and simple, regardless of whether the wearer was a Viking, peasant, magician or druid. If you want to be modern and trendy, look for carnival or fancy dress costumes. In the Middle Ages, a belt was used to hold the cloak or robe together and prevent it from dragging on the ground. The leather belt was also good for carrying weapons and other accessories on the body.

The fabrics for your medieval men's costume

Thirdly, there are the fabrics. In the Middle Ages, flax or linen, wool and a fabric made of hemp and flax fibre were used. Today, when we offer the younger cotton alongside linen in our mail order business, it is for very practical reasons of care and durability. Our strong cotton is just as durable and valuable as linen, and visually there is no difference.

We have the cotton specially produced so that the linen look is completely convincing. But it is simply easier to wash and dry. Either way, you can put together an outfit that will see you through many events and all weather conditions. Just like the leather for the bags and belts, the material for the weapons and other accessories, you will enjoy them for a long time.