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Men's tartan kilt Men's tartan kilt
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Classic Black Kilt Classic Black Kilt
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Red chequered Kilt Red chequered Kilt
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Kilt Cream, Brown and Blue Kilt Cream, Brown and Blue
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Kilt Gray und Blue Kilt Gray und Blue
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Kilt Red und Green Kilt Red und Green
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Gentlemen’s skirts & kilts for every occasion

Are you looking for an elegant Scottish outfit for private use or do you want to be noticed at the next medieval market? Then our gentlemen’s skirts and kilts are just the right thing. The skirt is not only reserved as a garment for a woman. Men in the Middle Ages also wore long gowns and wide skirts. They provide for flexibility, freedom of movement and are wonderfully comfortable on any occasion.

The origins of the kilts

The kilt is always first of all associated with Scotland and is a gentleman's skirt that goes back to the 17th Century. This is the traditional national dress of the scots, which is closely linked with the culture. In hardly any other country is the culture so closely interwoven with a garment. Gentlemen's skirts do not look feminine and are an elegant item of clothing, which is increasingly found at medieval events. The real kilts are made of 100 percent pure new wool and differ primarily in the various patterns. The checked patterns are the most common in this category. We also offer various colours and combinations, not just in combination with the traditional red or green. A kilt has the characteristic pleats at the front to permit substantially more freedom of movement. There are different ways of pleating the material. Various patterns are thereby created, which are a much better way of assigning the kilt a rank or a use. The thickness and the weight of the material are likewise different. However, the kilt always covers the knees.

Elegant gentlemen's skirts with buckles and folds

Gentlemen's skirts also cover the knees and only show the calves of the wearer. They can be ideally combined with black laced boots, creating a striking and yet elegant appearance. As well as kilts, we have on offer classical gentlemen's skirts in our medieval shop. Whether in black or in the well-known checked pattern – the skirts perfectly suit medieval tops. The waistband has buckles to optimally adjust the skirt to the width of the hips. Our models thus in addition guarantee easy dressing. In addition, kilts and gentlemen's skirts can be combined with belt pouches. The reason is the lack of trouser pockets in the skirt. Your wallet and other important items can easily be accommodated in the small pouch on the skirt. Most models have a pouch made of the same material which is thus less noticeable. Enjoy freedom of movement in a gentlemen's skirt and pursue your entirely own style.