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Sleeves - for that Certain Something

To maintain a noble and glamorous appearance, your entire outfit should be perfectly coordinated. Only then will you leave behind the unique first impression which you wish to achieve. To give your outfit that certain something, stylish sleeves are the perfect eye-catcher. It doesn't matter whether slim arms are to be emphasized or strong arms are to be cleverly flattered - pull-on sleeves are simply the perfect addition for every figure. With the right coverings, a sleeveless dress can also quickly be turned into an exciting robe, putting the figure perfectly into the limelight.

Perfect for the Big Performance

As an elf or fairy it is important to appear delicate but nevertheless powerful and strong. With special details such as an impressive belt or striking jewellery, each actress tries to attract attention. With beautiful sleeves of velvet or lace, each dress becomes something special and thus perfectly emphasise the role of each actress. With this special accessory everyone will be looking your way and it will make you the centre of attention at each event.

For Noble Ladies and Female Citizens

To be ready for your big moment in the evening or on a special occasion at a LARP, a pair of stylish sleeves should be part of everyone's wardrobe. A simple dress is quickly turned into a real eye-catcher by the stylish and wonderful lace. And you won't only make the other LARP female players envious but you will also immediately attract the attention of a strong knight.

Stylish or Simple

A super sleeve gives each outfit that certain something. It doesn't matter whether it is richly decorated with delicate lace or is subtly shiny in a silky material - a sleeve always ensures that the attention will remain fixed on you. A particularly filigree woven material can point to the descent from a good home, whilst a simple sleeve can embody a reserved and fashionable elegance, without giving too much away. On cooler summer days as well, you can leave behind a special impression with sleeves. They are well-suited to keep the body warm, without looking too covered-up. A velvet sleeve can shield your skin from cool evening winds and thus stop you from feeling cold.