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Viking Torque for Men, Bronze Viking Torque for Men, Bronze
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Celtic Torque for Men Bronze Celtic Torque for Men Bronze
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Viking Torque for Women, Bronze Viking Torque for Women, Bronze
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Celtic Torque for Women, Bronze Celtic Torque for Women, Bronze
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Viking Necklace for Women, Brass Viking Necklace for Women, Brass
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Viking Torque for Men, Silver Viking Torque for Men, Silver
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Viking Torque for Women, Silver Viking Torque for Women, Silver
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Torques and necklaces for Vikings and Celts

Celtic bronze choker for men - Viking Torques from the online shop of were to the Vikings in the Middle Ages what necklaces were to other peoples. A torque was both a piece of jewellery and a symbol, but above all a sign of status. A torque fits much more snugly than a chain, so it could not be a hindrance or even a trap in battle. A torque was made of silver or bronze and was considered valuable because of the way it was made. In addition to the torque, typical medieval Viking jewellery included rings, pendants and brooches. In our online shop we have a beautiful selection of torques and necklaces that were worn by both men and women. A men's silver torque was at most slightly larger, but similarly elaborately decorated and embellished.

Choose the one that appeals to you most from these beautiful pieces. Order it with a simple click and it will be delivered to your door. Your next LARP appearance will be guaranteed with a very special piece of jewellery.

Necklaces and their differences

You can find torques and other items such as fibulae in our online shopBut what is the difference between ordinary necklaces and the torques worn by Vikings in the Middle Ages? First of all, it is important to know that torques have been known since the Bronze Age, when they were worn by the Celts and other peoples. For the Celts, this type of necklace was a symbol of power. With the migration of peoples in the 5th century, the Celts lost all trace of them. However, the Vikings revived the custom 300 years later. In addition to the usual necklaces, they also made torques from bronze and silver. Torque originally means “spiral ring”. The name refers to the way they were made. The torques were made by twisting strands of bronze, silver or other metals together, giving them a beautiful appearance.

At the same time, the jewellery has a high value because of the effort involved. This goes far beyond the material value of silver or bronze. To twist the strands together, the material had to be heated, softened and handled very delicately with pliers. The chokers, on the other hand, were hammered or otherwise worked and were only made of silver or bronze.

Beautiful jewellery with powerful symbols

Necklaces & bangles from the LARP Fashion online shopAnother characteristic of Viking and Celtic torques is the lack of a clasp. This was only developed in later centuries. Such a kind of necklace is no longer called a torque. The torque was first bent open slightly, then slipped around the neck and pressed together again slightly. This process could not be repeated too often with the material used at the time. The two ends, however, were specially decorated.

The wolf heads at both ends were very classical for the Vikings. But other symbols and shapes were also possible. You can find other Viking jewellery such as pendants and brooches here on the website of our online shop. The pendants are divided into those with runes and the heavier pendants with symbols such as Thor's hammer.

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