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Suspender Belt/Girdle small discs Suspender Belt/Girdle small discs
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Girdle/Suspender Belt Girdle/Suspender Belt
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Suspender Belt/Girdle with large discs Suspender Belt/Girdle with large discs
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Suspender Belt/Girdle Suspender Belt/Girdle
£27.11 *
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Chain belts

A chain belt is a special accessory that is not only practical but one which also has a super optical effect. Each outfit thus quickly and simply becomes a real eye-catcher.

For noble ladies and citizens

A chain belt is a real eye-catcher. Whether it is the stylish gown of a noble lady that gets its finishing touches with a chain belt or a simple dress of a female citizen, that cleverly sets the scene with a hip belt - this type of accessory is as versatile as one could wish for. Because the belt can be adjusted in many ways, it can either be worn loosely across the hips or made tighter to emphasize a narrow waist. Thus you can have many variations with just one chain belt and each outfit becomes something special.

Impressive and stylish

A filigree chain belt gives you a good idea about the chosen character at a LARP event. For example, an especially richly decorated belt can demonstrate a high-ranking birth and great wealth. The character can thus be given a story of its own without having to use all too obvious features. A chain belt is a great addition for each outfit because it is not only an unusual piece of jewellery, but it also emphasizes the figure and adds an eye-catcher to a gown.

Simple and robust

A chain belt can not only be worn by noble ladies and elves. A simple model of robust material is also a stylish piece of jewellery for a female warrior or a female blacksmith, one which nevertheless perfectly fits the story of the role. Female players, who have decided on a down-to-earth character, thus don't have to forgo pretty details. A chain belt quickly creates a lovely shape and emphasizes the figure, especially for loose-cut blouses or dresses. You can therefore also stand out in a simple outfit by means of a chain belt.

Super details for a unique appearance

A chain belt is not only impressive due to its unusual shape, but also because of your lovingly placed details. Each piece is thus unique and looks very expensive. The other players will therefore be thrilled by your stylish and unusual accessories. Whether small jewels, which make each chain belt a real eye-catcher, or small lamella, which jingle softly at each step - the beautiful details simply make a fantastic impression.