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Medieval Linen style skirt Medieval Linen style skirt
£42.55 *
In stock.
Authentic Medieval Linen Look Skirt Authentic Medieval Linen Look Skirt
£31.18 *
In stock.
Medieval Skirt with coloured hem Medieval Skirt with coloured hem
£42.55 *
In stock.
Linen skirt Linen skirt
£26.44 *
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Pointed Skirt Pointed Skirt
£37.82 *
In stock.
Medieval skirt striped Medieval skirt striped
£42.55 *
In stock.

Medieval skirts – everything for the fair maid

Medieval skirts often have only little in common with women's trousers as we know them today. Sweeping trimmings, wide flowing patterns, petticoats, tails and aprons make them manifold witnesses of history. We offer you a vast selection of top-quality and authentic medieval skirts. Immerse yourself in one of the most colourful and fascinating eras of European history.

Billowing medieval skirts for the ladies

During the Middle Ages, it would have been unthinkable for a woman to have worn trousers. All the more diverse were the billowing medieval skirts which they wore instead. There were simple robes for everyday life, but also festive medieval skirts with stripes and coloured hems. With our assortment, we bring this historic fashion with all its mystical and eventful facets to life again. We have linen skirts and skirts with frilly hems. With the most varied patterns, we capture the many diverse aspects of medieval life and have the right skirt for each and every occasion. Whether it be a white petticoat with a hem, a robust overskirt or a medieval linen-look skirt, you are absolutely perfect at every Larp.

The proper accessories to go with medieval skirts

Of course, the typical earthen-coloured medieval skirts do not obtain their authentic effect from their materials and patterns alone. Only when they are combined with other original medieval items of clothing do they develop their full effect. In our assortment, you will find everything you need. We offer a varied selection of comfortable medieval cotton blouses and bodices. We also have a selection of corset blouses, bodice jackets and blouses with striking bell sleeves. Thus, a medieval outfit is stylishly complete for the next carnival celebration or the next medieval market.

The proper dress for the fair medieval maid

Our assortment of medieval skirts not only score with their historic authenticity, natural colouring and attention to detail. More than that, they are also airy and comfortable. Models such as the jagged fairy skirt, the Yolandra skirt with apron, or our laced medieval linen and viscose skirt, are characterized by their comfort and airy wearability. These medieval skirts can not only be worn at medieval markets, carnival celebrations and Larp events. They are more than comfortable also in your free time and in everyday life.