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Medieval Linen style skirt Medieval Linen style skirt
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Authentic Medieval Linen Look Skirt Authentic Medieval Linen Look Skirt
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Linen skirt Linen skirt
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Medieval Skirt with coloured hem Medieval Skirt with coloured hem
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Linen Apron Linen Apron
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Highlander Tartan Skirt for Ladies Highlander Tartan Skirt for Ladies
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Dark Brown Pleated Skirt Claire Dark Brown Pleated Skirt Claire
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Medieval skirts - everything for the fair maiden

Skirts in the Middle Ages had little in common with the legwear for women we know today. Extensive borders, wide cuts, petticoats, lace and aprons turned them into multifaceted witnesses of history. Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality and authentic skirts that correspond to the style of the Middle Ages. Dress in a manner befitting your status and in keeping with the times, as befits your role.

Flowing medieval skirts and stylish garments

Medieval skirt for women made of cotton from the mail order shopIn the Middle Ages it was unthinkable for a woman to wear trousers. It had to be a skirt in any case. Unless she was one of the rare surviving ladies on a pirate ship. All the more extensive, were the flowing skirts that women and ladies in the Middle Ages wore instead - depending on their status and income. In the Middle Ages, there was usually a plain garment in brown for everyday life. But for holidays there were also festive skirts in black, red, green or even blue with stripes and coloured hems. With our range, you have the choice of what occasion and status you want to dress for. We have linen skirts, cotton skirts and skirts with elegant ruffled hems. Take a look at the different cuts. Decide which style suits you best and dresses you best. Your role should be expressed naturally. A peasant maid in a striped skirt of soft cotton is not realistic, no matter how good the skirt looks.

Because the poor income of a peasant would not have been enough for more than a plain brown or grey. Colours were very expensive. The colours red, green or even black were very costly to produce. The much-used cotton did not exist until well after the discovery of America. It took time for it to find its way to the markets in the principalities. For your comfort, we were not so particular about the fabric of some skirts and used cotton. Wool in the Middle Ages was relatively coarse. A person from today would find it quite scratchy. Cotton is a good substitute fabric for the skirt. Moreover, a skirt made of cotton is much easier to care for. It can easily get dirty at a LARP event.

The matching accessories for the skirt from the Middle Ages

The typical earthy colours of the skirts from the Middle Ages also create their authentic effect with the fabrics and cuts. But it is only in combination with other stylish pieces of medieval clothing that a medieval skirt unfolds its full effect. At the other navigation points you will find the blouses and bodice waistcoats also made of cotton that match the skirt. The pirate blouses, corsage blouses and blouses with the distinctive bell sleeves together with a skirt make a truly hearty garment. In the navigation we also offer a matching medieval garb for children. The next LARP meeting with a focus on the Middle Ages or the next medieval market can thus go off in style.

The right clothes for the maiden in the Middle Ages

Medieval skirts for women in black made of cotton - your mail order shop for medieval skirtsThe medieval clothing from our range scores with its historical authenticity, natural colouring and attention to detail. Moreover, a skirt like the one in the Middle Ages is airy and comfortable, because you want to move around in it. Please note the models such as the pointed skirt, the skirt with the coloured hem or the red and black striped medieval skirt made of heavy cotton. They are characterised by their wide cuts and unconditional wearing comfort. This type of skirt is not only great to wear at medieval markets and LARP events. They are just as suitable for other occasions or simply at home.

All the fancy medieval garment at

If you like a skirt as clothing or garb from the Middle Ages, you simply click it into the shopping basket. From there it will be shipped via the checkout. Have you thought of everything? Ladies sometimes need belts, jewellery or other medieval accessories. Just have a thorough look around. If you have any questions about the shopping cart, shipping or any of our items, please feel free to contact us. Use telephone, email or contact form and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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