Black Raven Armoury

For over 20 years Alex Agricola, founder of Black Raven Armoury, has aspired to keeping nothing less than an inspired range befitting any battlefield. All very much styled and designed to have the same look and real feel you may have seen on the big screen, but with the quality and build durability needed for your larp or SCA character.

Over the years, we have costumed Medieval knights, Norse warriors Antiqued Leather Armour DIY Kit, and Vikings with a wide range of armour. A wide range of styles, in leather, metal & chain, all safe in the knowledge that they were suitably protected whatever the event. Providing essential protection on the battlefield, there are various examples of Medieval and Gothic armour, which will instantly transport you back to a period of warfare & mystery.

So, whether you’re re-enacting the life of a Medieval lord or a Viking, you will find a wide choice of authentic Black Raven Armoury and accessories that have been designed to capture unique historical design elements. Providing protection from weapons such as crossbows, daggers, bow and arrows, and two-handed swords, all of our knight’s armour has been expertly crafted from premium grade materials to ensure it is robust, visually striking, and wonderfully authentic.

From our LARP Vambraces Vendel, LARP Complete Armour Vendel, and LARP Greaves Vendel, through to our Broad Green LARP Leather Belt and LARP Belt Shield Maiden, all of the examples of Medieval, Viking, and Renaissance armour found within this extraordinary collection are suitable for Larp, Cosplay, and SCA events. But that’s not all… this expansive collection of Medieval, Renaissance, and Fantasy armour also features a wide variety of LARP Body Leather Armour Vendel DIY Kits.

Featuring all of the elements you need to build a great piece of Larp armour, you will be able to build and finish your armour in a way that meets your requirements. And, LARP Leather Skirt DIY Kit to ensure that your Larp, Cosplay, and Fantasy armour remains in pristine condition, this collection also features Leather Dye Fiebing and a Woll Dauber that is ideal for leather dyeing.

Suitable for all Larp and Cosplay roles, our Black Raven Armoury collection has been designed with incredible attention to detail, with a strong focus on optimising authenticity, design, strength and practicality. Of course, if you have any questions about any of the items featured within our Black Raven Armoury ] range, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to answer any of your questions or point you in the right direction when it comes to accommodating your Larp fashion needs.