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Kids’ Medieval Shirt with Stand-up Collar Kids’ Medieval Shirt with Stand-up Collar
£22.65 *
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Childrens Medieval Trousers Childrens Medieval Trousers
£18.86 *
In stock.
Cloak for Kids Cloak for Kids
£35.92 *
In stock.
Longsleeve Tunic for Kids Longsleeve Tunic for Kids
£28.34 *
In stock.
Coat of Arms for Kids Coat of Arms for Kids
£24.55 *
In stock.
Templar's coat of arms for children Templar's coat of arms for children
£24.55 *
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Longsleeve Tunic for Kids, Stitched Longsleeve Tunic for Kids, Stitched
£26.44 * £33.08 *
In stock.
Templar's Cape for Kids Templar's Cape for Kids
£37.82 *
In stock.

Boys in Medieval Dress

Whether as a knight, magician or elf - in the authentic clothing of the Middle Ages each role, however fantastic, can easily be enacted. Make the ideal figure of your little hero come to life by providing him with as realistic a game environment as possible.

Little Knights and Squires

When little boys re-enact history, knights and squires are always important characters. With their proud steeds and shining armour they were impressive figures for the people of the Middle Ages even in those times. That has not changed to this day. Every small boy wants to be the knight in magnificent armour who saves the princess from the tower. With our medieval clothes each small boy can turn into a real knight or prince, who can beat any evil dragon or dangerous giant. And each game will become a real adventure, one which, hopefully, will never end. And thus each afternoon will become a journey into the fantasy world of your little hero.

Each Day will become an Adventure

Whether it is a costume party or a fun meeting with friends - a costume that fits the theme is always a hit. Hold the next birthday party under the motto of the Middle Ages and you will be amazed how much fun the little warriors and magicians have, totally getting into their roles. With just the right costume and a few great games, the day will be just perfect. Each simple meeting will be an event which will long be remembered by everyone.

The Perfect Look for the Middle Ages

On an outing to a medieval market or when going to a costume party, each detail of the costume must be right. That's the only way to perfectly immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the surroundings and become a part of the fantastic setting. With our medieval costumes for boys, your little princes or knights will also be perfectly equipped for their big moment. Whether in a chic coat of arms or a striking uniform jacket with bright signal colours - all little warriors will find their perfect outfits in our shop. Each role can then be completely authentically enacted and the day will become a wonderful experience that will long be remembered.