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Kids’ Medieval Shirt with Stand-up Collar Kids’ Medieval Shirt with Stand-up Collar
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Childrens Medieval Trousers Childrens Medieval Trousers
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Cloak for Kids Cloak for Kids
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Coat of Arms for Kids Coat of Arms for Kids
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Templar's coat of arms for children Templar's coat of arms for children
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Templar's Cape for Kids Templar's Cape for Kids
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Clothes for boys from the Middle Ages

Tunic for children - medieval costume boyVikings, knights, magicians or elves - children and especially boys like to wear clothes from the Middle Ages. Of course, the choice is always determined by the films and series that are currently running. Vicky the Viking remains a defining character for younger children. Later, it might be knights, elves and then wizards who gain considerable importance. But all this changes abruptly when the boys or girls experience a medieval market or a LARP for the first time. The strong fascination of role-playing and the exciting stories will take all the attention. It is clear that many boys still want to wear garb as knights or Vikings. Many girls want to wear adorable dresses from the Middle Ages.

The division of roles in clothing is no longer so rigid, but neither was it in the Middle Ages. At least when it came to children's clothing, not many differences were made between girls and boys. On this page you will find typical medieval clothing for boys in our mail-order shop. The jacket, cape or medieval trousers go well with the medieval shirt and of course the tunic worn over it. Take a good look at everything and choose to your heart's content for your shopping basket.

Accessories for little Vikings, knights and squires

When little boys act out history, Vikings, knights and squires are always important characters. With their proud steeds and shining armour, they are impressive figures today, just as they were for the people of the Middle Ages. Every little boy has that phase when he would like to be a knight, wearing magnificent armour and rescuing the princess from the tower. With our medieval clothing, every boy can become a real knight or prince who can stand up to any evil dragon or dangerous giant. But to do so, you need the right accessories. If people in those days didn't wear a crusader's tunic, a Viking helmet or typical armour, they distinguished themselves by very specific features. These were ostentatious accessories such as belts, chains, pouches or jewellery. If you want to choose a garment for your boy that is suitable for LARP, take a look at the accessories in the online shop of The weapon belt, the pendant or the bracelet from the Middle Ages look just as good on boys as they do on girls if the right motif is chosen. However, it is usually very important that the children are allowed to choose. Then the accessory will go well with the Viking armour or the children's dress according to their taste.

Preparing the children for LARP

Perfect look for middle age boyIf you are a real fan of LARP, it is of course very important to you that your children, both boys and girls, at least develop an understanding of your passion. A party or costume party with the motto "Authentic Middle Ages" is the perfect way to do this. In our online shop, you can dress your children up really well. We offer you the right, authentic clothes for boys and girls. However, the popular helmet with the horns never existed for the Vikings.

A boy might have to come to terms with this fact first. But a bronze pendant like Thor's hammer, some LARP bracers or a typical Viking drinking horn from the Middle Ages can certainly rebuild him. There comes a time when children are old enough to understand the value of authentic garb. Then they will see many of our shop items from the Middle Ages with completely different eyes.

Perfect look for children in the Middle Ages

Accessories for little Vikings, knights and squiresOn a trip to a medieval market or a visit to a LARP, every detail of the clothing must be right for the children too. Whether tunic, children's dress or belt - every part of the garb should have the right look. Only in this way can children also immerse themselves perfectly in the unique atmosphere of the setting and become part of the wonderful production.

Adults and children alike suddenly become completely absorbed in their role when the medieval clothing and accessories look authentic.These medieval clothes for boys will also dress your little princes or knights perfectly. They will be ready for their grand entrance. This way, children can also play any role from the Middle Ages in a completely authentic way.

Such a day will be a wonderful experience. In our online shop, we attach great importance to quality that you will enjoy for years to come. This applies to tunics as well as children's dresses, tunics and armour.

We prefer cotton

Today, many medieval fabrics are experienced as scratchy. Therefore, in the online shop of LARP-Fashion, we have mainly chosen cotton and sometimes linen. The original medieval fabrics like nettle or hemp are rarely available. Besides, it is the cotton that is easiest to care for and lasts the best. Cotton was only used very late in the Middle Ages. But it is simply the cotton that feels best on the body as a shirt, trousers or a dress. This is even more true for children and the clothes they wear. Adding medieval dresses like the tunic or the children's dress to your shopping cart, you can be sure that you will get high quality at a good price.