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Medieval robe for women with belt in brown, red and other colorsMedieval costume ladies

Today we do not know exactly what the garb for women of the lower classes looked like in the Middle Ages. We have a few descriptions. However, these mainly deal with the medieval clothing for ladies at court, such as damsel and princess. Similarly to most men's clothes, the everyday clothes for lower class women have not been preserved. Nobody described them at that time either. The fabrics from the Middle Ages have decayed over the centuries almost without a trace.

The few well-preserved finds from the Middle Ages come from bogs, such as the area around Thorsberg. From there, however, we only have an idea of what the pants and shirts of the men from the area looked like. At least we know that since the high Middle Ages and the growing influence of the church, women and ladies were not allowed to wear pants or leg warmers. The women and ladies in the world presented themselves with skirts, tunics, dresses and shirts as medieval garb.

Fabrics and colors for the dress of the ladies

Nevertheless, it is of course tempting to at least imagine medieval costumes for ladies. On the LARP or fantasy role-playing, it is also possible that you show yourself with a medieval costume for women, which must have been completely impossible at the time. The lady pirate, the armed Viking woman or the female ranger are just as much a part of modern fantasy as costumes for the elf, the rogue or the druid. On the other hand, our costume for the healer, the tavern wench or the witch may well be close to the actual medieval garb of these ladies. At least we know what fabrics the ladies dressed in - from the simple peasant woman to the damsel of the castle to the dress of the princess. For the choice of fabrics for their own wardrobe was not so great. The seamstresses' art referred to nettle, linen, hemp and sheep's wool. In later times, silk was added at most for the nobility. As for colors, there were simple earth colors like brown and beige for the lower classes. For the costumes of damsels, abbesses or princesses there were sometimes expensive colors. These were obtained from plants. There was a red from dyer's red, yellow from birch or turquoise and blue from indigo. These are great colors for valuable costumes, but at that time at an almost unaffordable price.

Medieval costumes for ladies of free choice and imagination.

Medieval clothing for women of your choice and imagination in red and black

But let's just think practically. We know what components made up the garb of ladies in the Middle Ages. There was a lower garment with long sleeves, over it was laced or belted upper garment. This was a kind of dress. The sleeves and dresses were kept wide for the nobility. Among the commoners they were worn rather tightly, so that the work was not hindered. Over this was a tunic, a shawl or a gugel or a cloak. These were closed at the top. With this knowledge we can already put together many a costume.

For the roles of the elf or the pirate, we have a completely free hand. Here the doublet and leg warmers can come into play. This may include a short tunic, a weapon or even the tiara of a princess. You will look great with your dress or other outfit anyway. The actual effect you achieve with this costume at the LARP or medieval market depends on how you present yourself. Do you want to appear proud and condescending as a noblewoman or damsel of the castle? Upright and warlike as an elf or pirate, brave and daredevil as a ranger? That is entirely up to you and how much you are absorbed in your self-chosen role. People will believe you in your role if you believe in it.

Medieval costumes for ladies in rich selection

Medieval dress for women with belt - The Healer in green and beigeWe have prepared and arranged a wide range of costumes for you in our online shop. Let yourself be inspired and choose the costume that comes closest to you and your character. Most customers put together their own personal costume. Click on such a medieval costume for women on this page and have a closer look at it. In the description you will find all the individual parts of the different categories from which we have composed the costumes in each case.

For example, there are the leather shoes. The medieval dress has a border. The money cat, the medieval belt and the medieval bag make up the accessories. We even added a drinking horn and a drinking horn holder to this medieval robe set for women. We are quite sure that you will choose the right pieces for your dress with all the accessories. The quality of the fabrics and all the materials of the costumes is beyond question.

After all, we want you to feel comfortable in your medieval costume for women. And it should last long and give you pleasure for a long time. If you have any questions about the best garb for your role, just get in touch. We will be happy if we can fully satisfy you with our advice for our costumes

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