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Medieval clothing complete set

Medieval costume "The Healer" by LARP FashionIn our mail-order store you will find for your shopping cart exactly the medieval clothing that your heart desires. Which character have you chosen, which characteristics do you want to embody at the mediaeval market or role play? Sutler or healer, Viking or mage, nobleman or druid - we have the right medieval garb for you. Whether for women, men or children - if you are looking for an authentic and stylish garment, you will get it in our store. And whether medieval tunic, warm gugel, comfortable pants with belt or matching medieval accessories - we have everything ready for you, what it takes to convince everybody with your mediaeval garb.

In our mail-order store we pay attention to first-class quality, e.g. with cotton or linen. You will enjoy this comfortable clothing for years. Pants, tunics, shoes and dresses - all these clothes from the Middle Ages can later be reassembled as you wish. Once you have created the basis of your medieval clothing, you can reinvent yourself again and again. From a Viking to a beggar or from a sutler to a stray. Just look around and choose the right items wisely.

The medieval clothing forms the basic framework for your appearance

With a complete set of your medieval costume you have all the basic equipment to make a glamorous medieval appearance right away. Then your role evolves with you. What were initially just costumes will become your very own clothing over time. Being just a Viking role on your first LARP then your appearance gets a name, a personality. Then all of a sudden you feel like wearing a tunic over your pants or you want to add a wide belt for weapons to your garb. Take your time - all this will develop together with you. During a role play you will get to know new sides of yourself. Your usual self will appear as a lord or a warrior, as a medieval lady or a beggar woman - and your children perhaps as wild journeymen. The medieval market will be even more fun when every acquaintance perceives you as a completely new appearance. The articles from our mail-order store first form only the garment, which you then fill with personality. In any case, this clothing should appear authentic as high-quality medieval garb - and we make sure of that!

The clothing of the simple classes in the Middle Ages

LARP costume "Elf" for women and childrenThe clothing in the Middle Ages was usually a bit monotonous for the common people. Clothing was always a question of money and status. Already Charlemagne had issued regulations in the early Middle Ages. The clothing for servants, maids and peasants had to differ from the clothing for ladies and gentlemen of the higher classes. Colourful, ornate and elaborate clothing, as worn by the high lords in the Middle Ages, was impossible for the poor not only because of the horrendous costs - it was simply forbidden.

In most cases the people wore a tunic, a shirt and the bracca as undergarment, covered by a gugel and a cape. The clothing for children was even simpler, because they were growing all the time. The fabrics for tunics or gugels were made of what nature provided, i.e. nettle, linen, wool or hemp. Often there were knee-length smocks made of wool. Under this cotte shortened pants were normal. Tunic and cloak were closed with a brooch. Cotton for dresses and pants came into use only later.

Colours beyond the nature of fabrics for a tunic, the cloak and the rest of the clothing were a costly extra in the Middle Ages. There was yellow from birch extract, red from maple root, and blue from woad - but dyeing clothes cost time - and the simple classes hardly had time, unless they were warm enough in winter.

The clothing for ladies and gentlemen in the Middle Ages

Viking outfit "Rollo" order online at LARP FashionIn principle, the better people, i.e. the noble ladies, gentlemen and priests, wore the same clothes in the Middle Ages. The only difference was that the tunics were made of better fabrics, the pants had more colours, the cloak and the gugel were sewn more elaborately. Over them the gentlemen wore weapons in a wide belt and the ladies wore jewellery and precious accessories. Dresses as a typical outfit for ladies appeared quite late in the Middle Ages and developed from the tunic.

By the way, the simple and practical tunics were already known from the ancient times and were kept over the centuries because of the simple cutting patterns. As for the colours, valuable ingredients were also available to the ladies and gentlemen. The indigo was expensive import. The red colour from the cochineal shone beautifully, but was difficult to obtain. The purple from the purple snail was reserved for the highest lords of the church in the Middle Ages. As the centuries passed, clothing also began to evolve in the Middle Ages.

The pantaloons became tight-fitting leg warmers, the tunic became the dress or skirt for the ladies and the doublet for the gentlemen. Shoes made of leather took on real forms, becoming cuffed boots or beaked shoes. The gugel changed in the high and late Middle Ages to the chic chaperon and as headgear for the ladies came into fashion waistband hoods - or even the hennin, this conical and stiff hood.

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