Leather Belts

Leather belts not only help to keep your breeches from falling down, they are a useful tool in any adventurer’s arsenal and should be an essential item. The versatility of a leather belt is virtually unmatched, allowing you to keep all of your important items close by as well as looking stylish and authentic a part of any outfit. If you’re a fearsome warrior or assassin you can add frogats, scabbards or throwing knife pouches to the belt to make it a deadly buffet of weaponry to choose from, all within arm’s reach. If you’re a wizard or mage then you can add potion pouches and pockets to a leather belt to create an ideal bar of potions to choose from, whether you’re healing your party or hurting your enemies. You don’t need to be a combatant to benefit from a leather belt’s versatility, every class of character can add pouches and extras to their belt to help keep their valuables safe; whether you’re a bard storing music and lyrics or a runner with sensitive dispatches that need delivering to another city swiftly. Or range of leather belts feature a myriad of stunning designs, including long belts, twin belttwin belts and cinch belts that will suit the taste of every character. Long belts are traditionally worn by knights or warriors over a tabard and are designed to loop over and under once fastened, the end dropping down to your knees. These belts often have an ornamental buckle and belt end which can be a tribute to your Gods, such as our Thor’s hammer designs. Leather waist belts feature a wide leather plate on the front and are ideal for characters who wear a uniform such as a guard or officer in an army. These belts often have a rivet on the plate which denotes their clan or tribe such as our Fleur de Lis waist belt, perfect for a musketeer. We have twin belts to allow you to add more pouches, belts which have ornamental rivets inspired by Celtic, Norse and Templar designs, thick belts with studs for barbarians and long leather ring beltlong leather ring belts – truly a belt for everyone from the lowliest peasant to a warrior King. Most of our belts are available in black or dark brown, but we do have a selection of coloured belts which will be ideal for knights or members of the aristocracy who want to show their status and alignment with certain colours, such as red or green.