Bags & Pouches

Essential for storing everything you may ever need in any LARP scenario, bags and pouches are a must have accessory for bards, warriors and any adventurer or citizen!

All of our bags and pouches are in keeping with an authentic medieval style, many of them made from genuine leather to provide a durable, quality product that will stand the test of time whether you’re a seasoned fighter or a sheltered prince.

We have the perfect bag for everything you may need to carry around with you including small money pouches to carry your cash, to large satchels for carrying bulkier items around like provisions for your party.Medieval Pouch with Dragon Rivet

Our money pouches are ideal for carrying a small supply of cash with you, you never know when you will need to some cash quickly whether it’s to pay a bride or to get emergency medical supplies after a battle. We have a range of money pouches from small, discreet ones that can be hidden in amongst your clothes to more overt pouches which hang down from your belt to show your wealth. If discretion is what you are going for then we have a selection of kidney pouches which are perfect for hiding documents or items which you don’t want to be visible. Kidney pouches are slim and designed to hang from the belt, blending into your body shape and making them almost indiscernible to the observer if worn under robes or cloaks.

We understand that some things need to be carried in the open and we have a range of quality pouches that will help increase your carrying abilities without adding bulky backpacks or needing luggage. These are perfect for Clerics or apothecaries to carry medical provisions for their party or for mages and wizards to carry important magical items like amulets, runes or other casting tools.

Our selection of medieval pouches are available with a range of rivet designs to help appeal to your heritage. If you are from a Celtic background we have a selection of pouches with Celtic crosses and knots and if you are from the LARP Leather Dragonrider GreavesNorse lands then we have rivets with designs like Thor’s hammer or dragons.

If you want a neutral design then we have rivets which feature the Fleur de Lis, detailed metalwork on the flaps, or star rings. We even have skull designs which are perfect for pirates or bandits for keeping their booty safe on the high seas.