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Kids’ Medieval Shirt with Stand-up Collar Kids’ Medieval Shirt with Stand-up Collar
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Childrens Medieval Trousers Childrens Medieval Trousers
£23.52 *
In stock.
Medieval Dress for Kids Cotton Medieval Dress for Kids Cotton
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Beautiful Medieval Gown for Girls Beautiful Medieval Gown for Girls
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Cloak for Kids Cloak for Kids
£37.68 *
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Coat of Arms for Kids Coat of Arms for Kids
£26.35 *
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Templar's coat of arms for children Templar's coat of arms for children
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Medieval Dress Laced Up for Kids Medieval Dress Laced Up for Kids
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Templar's Cape for Kids Templar's Cape for Kids
£37.68 *
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Medieval clothing for children

Order medieval dress for children made of cotton onlineIn our online shop you will find a rich selection of medieval clothing for children. Our selection ranges from matching shirts and trendy medieval trousers to impressive tunics. Or are you interested in a smart undergarment, a noble cape or a decorative overdress? If your child is allowed to choose, he or she will be especially happy.

Maybe you're looking for a medieval costume for a party as a surprise? When looking for the right costume, always think about the right accessories. The right accessories often add the finishing touch to a medieval costume. This applies to armour as well as to a children's dress.

What clothes should your child wear?

All children love to dress up. Knights, pirates, Vikings and robbers are still the highlights. The strict division of roles in earlier days is no longer so strict in today's fashion. But does that also apply to medieval clothing? Children are very aware of the different roles. They know that the dress belongs to the noblewoman. The armour belongs to the knight and the battle axe to the Viking. This is even truer if the parents are real fans of medieval clothing at the LARP. What role should the child play?

The medieval market or the costume party at school are twice as much fun in the right look as a Viking or a pirate. And what about participation in the LARP? Of course, children in medieval costumes can also take part in a LARP. It just depends on the plot whether the children are allowed to participate as full players. Children easily fool us adults when it comes to role-playing. They are completely absorbed in their role. You can find medieval clothing for children here. We offer you clothes that are as close to the original as possible.

The garb in the Middle Ages: children and adults

In fact, today we know what cuts, fabrics and colours were used for dresses and robes in the Middle Ages. At least this is true for the people who could afford such things. A medieval costume for children should correspond to this style. Children's garb in the Middle Ages was basically the same as the clothes for their parents. However, it was more about the pure function of warmth than fashion or beauty. Fabrics were expensive and children were growing fast. There were no great differences for Vikings, peasants or knights. Children were given a shirt, an undergarment, an overgarment and a tunic. Sometimes they might also get a pair of cast-off trousers.

Dyed fabrics were expensive

The colours of the clothes corresponded to the fabrics in beige and brown. Dyeing was complex and expensive. For a faint purple, elderberries were used. Yellow was created with goldenrod. A beautiful red or green was more elaborate and expensive. Only the highest ranks wore a blue from indigo, the red of the pokeweed or even the purple-red of the purple snail. This was even laid down by law. As early as Æthelwulf, laws were passed on how expensive the clothing of the respective estates could be. Precise regulations were wanted on how the classes had to distinguish themselves. The common people knew no leisure. There was virtually no free time for decorative garb for children in the Middle Ages. At most, noblemen and princes might have decked out the girls and boys for festive occasions. In everyday life, even the children of noblemen frolicked in very simple garb. The Middle Ages were a time of scarcity.

Medieval children's clothing - trousers, tunics, capes and dresses

Medieval children's clothing - trousers, tunics, capes and dressesIn our online shop, the strict rules of the Middle Ages do not apply. Today's children have high expectations of medieval clothing. The little ones also want to be heroes already and demand an appropriate children's costume for the Middle Ages. That's why we also offer the Templar Knight's tunic or cape for children. Here you will find the chic medieval skirt, the festive medieval dress and the medieval trousers for the younger ones.

A tunic with a simple overdress or a throw fits both girls and boys in the original. But maybe your boy would prefer medieval trousers for LARP because the tunic reminds him too much of a dress. We do not offer armour for children. It would not only be too heavy, but also too unrealistic. Even if the boys would certainly be thrilled.

We use cotton or linen - also for children's clothing

We always offer medieval dresses for children made of high-quality fabrics such as pure cotton. Already because of the necessary washing, cotton is recommended as a modern fabric. In the Middle Ages, cotton was virtually unknown. It only came on the scene in the 15th century. Until then, one had to wear what nature provided - i.e. hemp, linen, nettle or wool. Our colours correspond in their muted nature to the dyes found in nature in the Middle Ages. Green, brown, red or blue could not appear so radiant in those days because the dyes were vegetable. Flashy garb was frowned upon and showed its wearer to be a fop or a fool. This was even more true of children's garb in the Middle Ages. You will find more details about each item in the individual description. Look at the children's dress, the children's skirt, the dress or the trousers for Vikings and knights. For example, we use hand-woven cotton for medieval trousers for children. Please pay close attention to the size specifications and measurement tables. If in doubt, simply contact us. Take a good look around the range of items in our online shop.

In our mail-order shop: Matching medieval children's clothing

Matching medieval children's clothing from your entire family in the medieval look at our online shop. Visit the medieval market, the LARP or a party - and always be appropriately dressed in tunic, armour, tunic and cape. Our range shows you the Middle Ages in style, colour and material. High-quality and robust cotton or linen ensure durability and a comfortable feel. But also think about undergarments, a nice doublet or, in an emergency, a scarf if it gets chilly outside in the evening.

Warm medieval dresses - children should not freeze in any case

Your children should not freeze in their robes in the evening. Dress them with a hood, a scarf or a bonnet. If they are nice and warm, they will have lots of fun with this special medieval garb for children. The models can be perfectly combined with the accessories in our shop. They are just as suitable for the time of the Vikings in the early Middle Ages as for the late Middle Ages or even for fantasy LARP.

Use the wish list to make your selection

For your selection, simply use our wish list first. Before you order a Viking shirt, a noble tunic or a special children's dress, take a closer look at them on the wish list. This way you can make a pre-selection for LARP or medieval markets and then compare the dresses at your leisure. If you have any questions, just contact us by phone during opening hours or send us an email. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you and give you any information you need.

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