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Medieval jewellery for every costume

When you go to a LARP or a fantasy convention and you want to make an impression with an imaginative costume, you cannot do without beautiful medieval jewellery. To go with an authentic costume, you wear the right jewellery. Friends of the Middle Ages and LARPs will find beautiful and unusual jewellery in our assortment. Whether you are looking for a tiara, pendant or necklace, this is where role players will find just the item.

Headdresses and more for elves and fairies

A tiara lends every elf costume that certain something. The plain silver tiara can be worn both by male and female elves. The more elaborately designed tiaras are eye-catchers for every noble forehead. We also have just the jewellery for the ladies' necks: our assortment includes artfully crafted necklaces.

Magic and old gods - fans of the old way

We also have an assortment of medieval jewellery of ancient cultures. Friends of paganism and magic will find what they are looking for here. A classic with fans is Thor's hammer. It originates from the Scandinavian region and was frequently found there in graves. This piece of jewellery goes with every Norseman's outfit, but also suits authentic medieval costumes. The pendants are unisex and are worn by male and female warriors, magicians and witches alike. Earlier, many of them had a ritual background. The pendant Brigit's sun amulet is attributable to the Celtic circle of gods. This amulet is said to lend the wearer the powers of the goddess. It is also particularly beautifully designed and perfectly suits Celtic clothing or a medieval robe.