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Quiver Hunter - Brown - S Quiver Hunter - Brown - S
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Quiver Hunter - Black - S Quiver Hunter - Black - S
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Quiver Archer Creme/Brown Quiver Archer Creme/Brown
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LARP Quivers - Accessories for Archery

LARP quiver in black and brown in the LARP FASHION online shopNext to a precious sword, bows and arrows are great weapons that attract attention at every LARP event. But the precious arrows need to be carried as comfortably as they need to be protected in the LARP turmoil. Their special construction for LARP combat makes them strong enough to withstand a hit.

But they can still bend or even break. So you need a stylish quiver for your arrows, one that's both sturdy and long enough so that the arrows don't fall out every time you jump. It is also a good idea to have a slightly larger opening on the quiver on your back so that you can easily insert the arrows. This will also give the feathers of the arrows enough room and prevent them from getting crushed.

Medieval craftsmanship and materials

Black leather quiver without arrows - LARP weapons from the mail-order shopSo you need a LARP quiver that has been designed, planned and made with great care by real professionals. Of course, as in the Middle Ages, only leather can be considered as a material, as bad weather can also occur in LARP. A good leather quiver does not mind the rain. On the contrary, rain and dampness give a well-tanned and cared for leather that patina which makes the leather quiver a real gem for the LARP event. However, a truly stylish LARP quiver requires a manufacturing process that is no different from the traditional and ancient craftsmanship of the Middle Ages. Laced with leather straps and intricately woven, such a professional piece can withstand any strain. This is especially true of the leather straps that hold the quiver in place. Depending on the model, they are attached to the quiver in two or three places. Long enough for any figure. It can be worn over the shoulder or on the hip. In any case, we recommend that you practise putting the quiver on and using it before the LARP event. Most quivers can easily hold 10 LARP arrows. However, pulling out the quiver and quickly stowing the arrows requires some experience. It's important that the quiver fits snugly, and that you're comfortable with the position. After all, you want to make a professional impression so that your opponents develop the necessary respect for you.

Our offers for you

Our offers of LARP quivers in black and brown for your shopping cartTake a look at the different offers in our mail order shop and see what you like. They are all made from high quality materials and with great skill for long lasting use. Black, brown and often a dark red or green are the predominant colours for the back quiver. On the one hand the quiver should adorn the wearer, on the other hand it should not betray the hunter or archer prematurely. Suede and hard leather are carefully stitched and reinforced with cords at the mouth and ends. With the "Ranger" back quiver you can underline your ancestral role in medieval or fantasy LARP by choosing the colour cream, blue-black or red for the leather. The dark grey and black of the Archer, for example, looks particularly noble. If, on the other hand, you prefer pure function to splendour, you will like the Hunter, which in black and brown is extremely practical and sober, making it look all the more dangerous. Your quiver is an important expression of your LARP style, so choose carefully. You can find the right bows, swords and knives for your quiver in the LARP Weapons section. As a mail order company for LARP clothing and LARP weapons, we want you to be completely satisfied with our products, service and delivery. Only then will you come back and tell your friends about us. That is why we make sure that all the products and accessories in our mail order shop are of the highest quality and offer the best value for money!